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Where Quality Counts

Our focus is on quality and sourcing our products & services locally. We proudly support Alberta, Albertans, and all that we stand for.

 From Auto glass to accessories, Body-liner to paint repair, Polishing to Paint protection, Paintless dent repair to light auto body. Alberta Boys have you covered

What our customers are saying

Had my truck go in to get the fenders, bumper and rockers linexed in high gloss color match. These guys matched the colour match so good you got to look twice to notice it's even there. They even buffed my whole truck to show room condition it looks brand new. Touched up all the chips. Brad and the team are top notch guys and the customer service is second to none. Super easy to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone that's looking for good buff on their car to getting their vehicle linexed/ rock guarded i defiantly will be back. Thanks again guys

Zach Lullwitz

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