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Fully Customized

From top to bottom this Beauty is custom


The GunSlinger

Fully Coated Customized Beauty

High Gloss Bodyliner

We completly coated this beauty from top to bottom in high gloss white bodyliner with satin black accents. Bushwacker pocket style fender flares with black bolts to protect and widen the stance.


To widen the stance we put on a set of Bushwacker pocket style fender flares with black pocket bolts. Then we incresed the offset with some Fuel rims and Cooper STT tires.


Design & Style

Our design team has you covered


We are proud to be a dealer for Alberta Built BulletProof products. We installed this slick set of running boards made by BulletProof Bumpers

Lazer Cut

We got some custom cut kickbacks from our boys down at 5 Star Auto Accessories to have this beast really set apart from the rest.


Custom Grill

We went with a high gloss white surround & satin black center on this custom grill with built in LED lights.


From custom badges to airbrushing we work with the best business around to get your build completed in one place


From idea to reality our design team helps you create the art piece you envision.   

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